About us

About Us

About us

Gamcar Distribution is a distribution company specializing in the automotive industry founded by André Gamelin.

The company specializes in garage equipment, electric transportation such as electric bicycles, remote control vehicles, electric vehicle accessories and many more.

Electrified Transportation

In an effort to keep up with the wave of transportation electrification, we are proud to distribute products for electric cars and other electric transportation such as e-bikes, e-scooters for adults and more.

Garage equipment and tools

With our many years of automotive experience serving hundreds of auto mechanic shops, we have gained the experience to be a premier garage equipment distributor. We will be able to advise the end user according to their real needs and their budget.

Auto parts

We have been auto parts experts for nearly 40 years. With our experience, we are able to offer you carefully selected car parts and provide you with marketing material to help you better promote these brands.

For more information about Gamcar Distribution, visit the contact us page.